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Domestic cleaning, house cleaning and residential cleaning means the same and Pinky’s Cleaning Services undertake residential cleaning. So, if you are looking at a one-off, weekly, fortnightly, daily, or monthly residential cleaning, we are good for that. Our residential cleaning service is comprehensive and detailed.


You bought your home to live in it, not to clean it. Let Pinky's cleaning take care of the bad part of owning your home! Get out and enjoy your life while we scrub your home clean. We’re the most loved cleaners in the Gold Coast for a reason – we let you love life and your clean home.

We work for you, not against you like the other guys. Our prices are competitive and our services are tailored to your needs, so no need to jump through hoops to have a clean home. You can book a cleaning in less than 60 seconds and be on your way!

Gold coast House Cleaning Company

Our philosophy hasn’t changed since our founding – we clean so you don’t have to! Our maids are trained to be at the top of the industry so your cleaning is fast and effective. You’re not going to have to stress out about the quality of the cleaning, you can enjoy your life and come back to a clean home every time. Our streamlined booking process makes it easy to have your home cleaned, so what are you waiting on? GET MY CLEAN HOME TODAY!

Standard/Basic Cleaning:

Standard cleaning refers to dusting, cleaning, mopping, and vacuuming, sweeping and just taking care of day-to-day or everyday cleaning which is basic, essential and fundamental.

Now standard cleaning applies to any scenario. It could be a part of residential cleaning, or house cleaning. Even when it comes to commercial cleaning and holiday home cleaning, from a maintenance and upkeep angle, standard cleaning comes in handy and Pinky’s Cleaning Services caters to this form of cleaning for any domain or sector.

As part of our standard cleaning, this is the cleaning pattern we follow:

Work specifications for standard clean:


→Remove cobwebs

→Clean window ledges

→Wipe down kitchen cabinets/ outside only

→Clean stove top & range hood

→Clean microwave inside and out

→Wipe down large appliances

→Clean & disinfect sink

→Clean & disinfect splashbacks

→Clean & disinfect countertops

→Polish all stainless steel surfaces

→Empty trash

→Clean skirting board

→Mop floors

→Vacuum carpet and floor coverings


→Remove cobwebs

→Clean window ledges

→Dust furniture & decorations

→Clean skirting boards

→Empty trash

→Vacuum carpet and floor coverings

Bathrooms & Laundry

→Remove cobwebs

→Dust window ledges

→Wipe down cabinets/ outside only

→Clean mirrors

→Clean & disinfect sinks/bath/toilet/shower

→Empty trash

→Vacuum rugs and floor coverings

→Mop floors/Clean skirting boards



→Dust window ledges

→Dust furniture & decorations

→vacuum and Mop/Clean skirting boards


→Clean windows

→Clean oven and range hood    -   $80

→Clean ceiling fans                      -   extra half hour

→Clean inside cabinets               -   extra 1 hour

→Clean inside fridge                    -   $50

→Make beds                                   -   extra 1 hour

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