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Standard Domestic Cleaning:

→ To clean once a week, the pricing is $35h

→ For a fortnightly clean, the pricing is $38h

→ One-off cleaning it is $40h

→ Any extras added to the standard clean- As in, window cleaning depending of course on the number of windows, additional charges apply.

Bond Cleaning:

→ The pricing for this is determined based on the area of the home, total number of rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms.

→ Also what specific cleaning the client seeks as in, if the walls need a full wash or a spot clean and what condition the wall is really in.

If a pest control service and carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning is sought, then the charges are extra. It would cost more.

Carpet Cleaning:

General Areas

→ 1 bedroom, lounge and dining $90.00*

→ 2 bedrooms, lounge and dining $120.00*

→ 3 bedrooms, lounge and dining $150.00*

→ 4 bedrooms, lounge and dining $180.00*

→ 5 bedrooms, lounge and dining $210.00*

*All standard hallways is included in the above pricing


→ Staircases at $2.00 per step including the riser

Commercial Cleaning

→ The pricing for commercial cleaning is about $35/$40 an hour depending of course, on the size and the number of hours.

Holiday houses/rentals/luxury holiday homes Cleaning

→ The pricing is determined as per the requirements, frequency and the size of the building/house.

Cleaning Airbnb listed homes

→ The pricing is $40h