Honouring a bond commitment is of utmost importance especially when you have rented out a house or apartment. At the time you are moving out, then a bond cleaning is imperative. Now, there are certain ways to undertake this, or there is a certain expectation that you have to meet with. The homeowner would need a bond cleaning, vacate cleaning, move in or move out cleaning to undertaken in a certain manner. If the cleaning is as satisfactory and adheres to what a bond cleaning is said to be, then no issues, you are bound to get your bond back.

In this, for an effective bond cleaning to be undertaken, you need professional cleaning service companies like us, who specialise in bond cleaning to undertake it for you. It is definitely a prudent move and there is a lot of time and money saved when you engage an expert cleaner like us.

Bond cleaning checklist

→Clean the inside/outside of the kitchen

→Clean the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and countertops or benchtops

→Clean all kitchen appliances like the electric oven, cook top, grill, rangehood filters, and the microwave, clean the dishwasher and clean the filters

→Clean, vacuum, dust and mop the floors and the walls

→Clean the kitchen splashback area

→Clean and shine the kitchen sink and taps

→Clean window ledges and tracks

→Wipe skirting boards and doorframes

→Dust and clean the exhaust fans

In the laundry area:

→Vacuum, clean, mop floors

→Clean all tiles

→Clean and shine tub and taps

→Wipe cupboards

In the bedroom:

→Vacuum, clean, mop floors

→Clean mirrors

→Linen changing

→Clean windows inside

→Dust and wash window sills

→Clean tracks

→Clean inside cupboards and built-in wardrobes

→Spot clean walls

→Wipe skirting boards and doorframes

In the hallways:

→Vacuum, clean, mop floors

→Clean mirrors

→Spot clean walls

→Wipe skirting boards and doorframes

In the balconies /patios:

→Sweep and mop the area

→Remove cobwebs

Dusting and general cleaning

→Remove cobwebs

→Clean light fittings

→All skirting boards are damp wiped

→Air-conditioning filters removed and cleaned

→Dust all ceiling fans

→Clean all power points and light switches

→Spot clean scuff marks on walls

Window cleaning

→Clean all windows inside

→Clean glass sliding doors both inside and outside

→All tracks are cleaned

→Window frames and sills and screens are wiped down

→Carpet steam cleaning

→Shampoo and deodorising of carpets carried out by a portable carpet cleaning machine

Garage cleaning

→Sweep floors

→Spot clean walls

→Wipe skirting boards and door frames

→Remove cobwebs


→Curtains / blinds /shutters cleaning

→External window cleaning

→Cleaning and washing external walls