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Pinkys Cleaning Services has been engaging in a range of cleaning services catering to both residential and commercial customers’ since 2012.

Over time, we have built repute for ourselves as being a dependable, trustworthy cleaning services company that we have become a name that most businesses and homes in and around the Queensland area like Gold Coast, Gympie and Curra.

Why Pinky’s Cleaning Services?

→On-time every time

→Cost-effective pricing that appeals to all

→High-quality services

→Absolute satisfaction guaranteed

→Committed, reliable and trustworthy

Some of our standout features would be:

→Any cleaning service or be it the task of cleaning is not an easy or doable task. It requires patience, hard work, knowhow and diligence and this is something that we totally believe in and follow too.

→We offer seamless communication, so if you want to reach out to us, you just need to connect with the founder-operator- Lorna Crafford.

→We are so confident and sure about our services that there would be no scope for complaint. Now, in the event, there is an issue or feedback, we will take care of the job on our watch and fix the issue or problem at no extra cost.

These are the services we offer:

→Commercial cleaning

→Residential cleaning

→Bond cleaning

→Carpet cleaning

→Holiday home cleaning- Cleaning holiday home rentals

→Airbnb listed homes

Impressed by our line of cleaning services? If you want to hire us for any of our listed services, then just reach out to Pinky’s Cleaning Services on or speak to us on
0410 037 144